More with ailerons

Today I moved on to the left aileron and made multiple cuts along the bottom seam of the aileron bag to et the aileron to fit. As was expected, the rudder cable conduit was in the way again. So I started the surgical extraction. If the conduit. Unfortunately almost right away I damaged the conduit.Continue reading “More with ailerons”


Today I was still riding very high on yesterday’s engine runs. It is still very exciting to me that the beast is alive. The last 3-4 weeks we have been working very hard and I haven’t spent much time putting things away in the shop and garage. so I spent about half the day doingContinue reading “Ailerons “

Wheels, Pedals, and third time is the charm

Well, as anyone who has been following this blog for a while knows, the airplane is serial number three because it takes me three times to get anything right. Today, it that held true with safety wiring things. Safety wiring is one of those things that it seems should be simple, but apparently one needsContinue reading “Wheels, Pedals, and third time is the charm”

All flight controls flapping in the breeze

Today was another good day in the Garaggio. The second biggest excitement (The first was that Greg and I got the baffles done, and that was in the previous post) was that Nate and I got the rudders actuated. We still need to get the rudder cables run up to the pedals in the front.Continue reading “All flight controls flapping in the breeze”

Sunday Funday

We got a ton done yesterday. The biggest win was getting all the control surfaces balanced. we did the layup on the new balance weights on the ailerons. So those are locked in place with 2 plies of BID. We checked the balance, and they positively balance now. The balance is past the half wayContinue reading “Sunday Funday”

Lacking Balance

Went to the AOPA fly in at Anoka County Airport today. Was pretty cool and bigger than I thought it would be. Few airplanes flew in because of weather and winds. But still some neat things to see and many familiar faces. When we got back we spent some time in the shop. We jigged theContinue reading “Lacking Balance”

As usual

Set backs seem like the usual in airplane projects, and yesterday was a day of setbacks. Greg, Nate, and I each were working on things that are going to require repair, rework, and more fiddling. Greg and I were working on the baffle seal. We are trying to get the baffle seal material to layContinue reading “As usual”

Garaggio Welcomes…

Nate Mullins. Nate is a Long Ez builder who lives in San Antonio and last November got his Long EZ flying. He was able to get his going from acquiring the project to first flight in 3 years. He has done some really neat things to his airplane including developing the installation for the ULContinue reading “Garaggio Welcomes…”

The trio is rolling

Had both Greg and Jon in the workshop today, and we had a great day. We were able to get a few things done. First off, yesterday, I was playing hooky form the Garaggio.  It was a recharging kind of day. Brewing beer in the morning and going for an airplane ride in the afternoon.Continue reading “The trio is rolling”

Clock troubles

I am convinced that the little man who runs the hour hand in my clock gets some perverse satisfaction out of turning time at Mach two. The hours seem to slip away all too fast when I’m spending time in the Garaggio. Someone tell him that doing his job at published speeds would be appreciated.Continue reading “Clock troubles”