Eight Hours to fill the dustpan…

The title pretty much sums it up. A full day spent on contouring the elevators. Sanding micro after sanding primer sucks. It takes a long time to make progress. It’s like sanding concrete after sanding balsa wood. I made a good mess too! The good news is I made progress. The elevators are now contoured.Continue reading “Eight Hours to fill the dustpan…”

The Gang’s all here

Not only has it been a while since I have been in the workshop, but my regular helpers have been missing in action for a while too. Both due to their own reasons. But today, both Jon and Greg were able to be in the Garaggio with me. It really jumpstarted the return to progressContinue reading “The Gang’s all here”

Operation Prime: Part 5

I have no clue what happened, but I had five things on my list to work on today, and I worked on all five. I finished four of them. Maybe I worked more efficiently, maybe I had less distractions, maybe I was more realistic with planning my day, or maybe all of the above. ButContinue reading “Operation Prime: Part 5”

N23X and Moving On

Today we started by working on Greg’s Long Ez, N23X. Greg put new wheels and brakes on, so we had to bleed the brakes. It was a simple procedure, but took a little bit for us to accomplish. The key was to level the airplane, not to bleed the system with the nose on theContinue reading “N23X and Moving On”

A break from finishing

So I decided today that I couldn’t stand working on the finishing work for the whole day. I do like finishing because things start to look pretty, it is relatively mindless work, and it shows the fruits of labor years worth of labor. But then again, it is tedious and hours on end of sandingContinue reading “A break from finishing”