Underlying Motivation

I have a confession. I have had an underlying motivation while building the Garaggio EZ. Something that kept me working hard and wanting to get my airplane through to first flight. I wanted to give my Grandpa a ride in Betty. Grandpa has flown with me before. I had given him a ride at my highContinue reading “Underlying Motivation”

Victory Tour, Legs 5 and 6

Now that our work and visit at Pecan Plantation is drawing to a close, it is time for the next phase of the Garaggio Ez Victory Tour. Traveling around the country in a light airplane requires me to be very flexible with my plans, especially with the winter/early spring weather. Times, dates, and locations areContinue reading “Victory Tour, Legs 5 and 6”

A Week at Pecan: Mods, cool people, and public speaking

Note: I am behind in blogging from the last 2 weeks. I apologize to those who don’t follow me on Facebook as you are getting this news a bit delayed. I hope to be caught up in the next few days, we have had some exciting experiences the last few days. In the last post,Continue reading “A Week at Pecan: Mods, cool people, and public speaking”

Victory Tour

I have been dreaming for quite some time of trips I have wanted to take in the Garaggio Ez,  in fact it started even before we bought the project. On the days in the shop that were frustrating, I would think of cool places I was going to see. All the while I was hoping the experience wouldContinue reading “Victory Tour”

Our first family trip

This past weekend, Kevin, Betty, and I took our first trip together. (Betty has been a name for the airplane I have been unable to get rid of ever since this post.) I have always wanted to go to the EAAs Hops and Props event. It is held at the museum. EAA invites almost 100Continue reading “Our first family trip”

Flying with Jon

Jon and I don’t get a lot the same days off, but on the 3rd the weather was nice and we were both off. So we went flying. This was his second ride. He hasn’t flown small airplanes for like 8 years so we spent some time doing some slow flight and demonstrated the canardContinue reading “Flying with Jon”

Commit Aviation

My apologies for not having blogged in a while, the last three weeks have kept me busy to the point where I have had to choose sleep over blogging. I am going to try to get you all caught up. I assure you that I have been flying the airplane and even have found a littleContinue reading “Commit Aviation”

A cold Garaggio Ez, and lonely Garaggio

Ol Man Winter has arrived in Minneapolis, and I woke up to frigid temperatures this morning, -10 ferenheight. But I need to get some of this flight testing done so I can get the airplane to a warmer location. So when the temp warmed up…     I went flying. It’s amazing how cold I gotContinue reading “A cold Garaggio Ez, and lonely Garaggio”

Maintenance and Flying

There was a few things on this list this morning before flying the airplane again. As usual, things took longer than planned this morning, starting with procaffeinating.  The before flying tasks consisted of doing another inspection on the engine compartment area since I had been gone for almost a week. I also wanted to goContinue reading “Maintenance and Flying”