Trim, fit, prep sand, layup

The gear door layup turned out well. I released the gear door blanks from the airplane, and marked and trimmed them. The rest of the time in the workshop was spent shaping the foam on the back side to have the carbon to carbon bond around the edges and to shape the foam for theContinue reading “Trim, fit, prep sand, layup”

Gear doors, nut plates, and EZ Points…. Oh my

Yesterday’s layup turned out well. I started this morning by cleaning up the rough edges. While cleaning up the edges, I did find a few air bubbles around the gear sight window, and that will end up getting a little attention. One more ply bid over the top of the area will do it. ByContinue reading “Gear doors, nut plates, and EZ Points…. Oh my”

Another day, Another Layup

Today was our anniversary, so only had a few hours to work in the workshop. I was able finish getting the nose gear well laid up. The hinge pockets, exposed foam, gear sight window, and strut gear well all got laid up today. The layups were then heat tented to expedite the curing. I didn’tContinue reading “Another day, Another Layup”

Nose Strut Door

Today started with cleaning up after yesterday’s layup. The nose gear was also reinstalled to ensure I still had full retraction and all is well. Now for gear doors. I already had made one strut gear door for the previous installation. I decided that the exterior of the door was good, but the foam/glass ribContinue reading “Nose Strut Door”

Gear Well Progress

Today started with prepping the nose gear well (strut area) for bonding. There was lots of sanding and rounding over corners etc. Then I released the new SC from the mold, the part of the gear well that houses the gear strut. The part turned out well. I cleaned off all the foam mold materialsContinue reading “Gear Well Progress”

Nose Gear Issues

I have had a few days to work in the shop for an hour each time in the last week. I am still focusing on getting the nose gear/gear doors dialed in so that I can get to finishing the bottom of the fuselage. Since I have never been quite happy with the way myContinue reading “Nose Gear Issues”