A cold Garaggio Ez, and lonely Garaggio

Ol Man Winter has arrived in Minneapolis, and I woke up to frigid temperatures this morning, -10 ferenheight. But I need to get some of this flight testing done so I can get the airplane to a warmer location. So when the temp warmed up…     I went flying. It’s amazing how cold I gotContinue reading “A cold Garaggio Ez, and lonely Garaggio”

Operation Prime, Part Duce

Its been a couple days since the last post, and I did get to work on the airplane for a short while sanding three days ago. There was not much to show for it so forgive me for not putting up a blog post and another picture of a microed surface that still needs work.Continue reading “Operation Prime, Part Duce”

N23X and Moving On

Today we started by working on Greg’s Long Ez, N23X. Greg put new wheels and brakes on, so we had to bleed the brakes. It was a simple procedure, but took a little bit for us to accomplish. The key was to level the airplane, not to bleed the system with the nose on theContinue reading “N23X and Moving On”