Slow Day, education, and more Fluid

Today started out very slow. I spent time learning about timing the ignition to the engine. The Lycoming manuals are not very descriptive because they are intended to cover a lot of different engines and accessories. To add to that, my┬ácombination of engine, ignition, injection, propeller, starter, etc, etc, etc is not something for which┬áLycomingContinue reading “Slow Day, education, and more Fluid”

Just too nice of a day

Today I spent a little time working on a part for Vic. If you recall, about 5 months ago, Vic asked me to help fix a part for a friend’s hot tub. It seems as though when there are non-airplane projects they take longer than they should… or maybe I just get distracted by airplaneContinue reading “Just too nice of a day”

A few hours

Today’s post is short and sweet. Got back from Newark and spent a few hours in the Garaggio sanding. Still lots more to go. You can somewhat see the surface condition in this photo. Still much fill to remove. Wish I would have gotten more done. But I think I left a “note to self”Continue reading “A few hours”

Smear the…

Today was the day to smear the top of the left wing. I am still amazed at just how much of a visual transformation it is to have a large surface all white. I am so very thankful for how much time Greg has been putting in with me lately. He was here from 0900Continue reading “Smear the…”

Lets get ready to miiiiiiiiiiiiicro

Today was a bunch of little things to get ready for applying micro to the top of the left wing and strake. Jon and Greg were here, and we got a lot done. The first thing to do was finish shortening the dip stick and reinstall it. We then were able to verify the locationContinue reading “Lets get ready to miiiiiiiiiiiiicro”