Finally, the Garaggio delivers its first part

The big news from the Garaggio for today is we delivered our first ‘OPP’ part. I promised Vic that I would have Deb’s hot tub part done  by the time we had our brew session today. So I prioritized working on that piece. After all, I have only had it laying on the bench forContinue reading “Finally, the Garaggio delivers its first part”

Just too nice of a day

Today I spent a little time working on a part for Vic. If you recall, about 5 months ago, Vic asked me to help fix a part for a friend’s hot tub. It seems as though when there are non-airplane projects they take longer than they should… or maybe I just get distracted by airplaneContinue reading “Just too nice of a day”

A few hours

Today’s post is short and sweet. Got back from Newark and spent a few hours in the Garaggio sanding. Still lots more to go. You can somewhat see the surface condition in this photo. Still much fill to remove. Wish I would have gotten more done. But I think I left a “note to self”Continue reading “A few hours”

Smear the…

Today was the day to smear the top of the left wing. I am still amazed at just how much of a visual transformation it is to have a large surface all white. I am so very thankful for how much time Greg has been putting in with me lately. He was here from 0900Continue reading “Smear the…”

What do you have here, an Airplane?

Today was one of those days that the airplane made a transformation before my eyes. Well before my eyes, Jon, and Greg’s. That’s right, all three of us in the workshop today. It was quite fun! We started by sanding. Jon started by finishing prep sanding the top of the left wing. While he wasContinue reading “What do you have here, an Airplane?”

Back to Micro

Well, first thing was first today. Had to get the Keezer cleaned, lines rebuilt, seals replaced, and sanitized so it can dispense the liquid gold. There wasn’t much workshop work on that project, but it did require tools from the garaggio and a trip to Northern Brewer for parts. I can say that it isContinue reading “Back to Micro”

ON, a wing

Today Greg was able to come over again, and we started by sanding all the epoxy wiped surfaces. This was the left wing lower surface as well as the aileron. It took quite some time, even with 80 grit. Even so, there are a few localized low spots that will need some prep before painting.Continue reading “ON, a wing”

Wipe ’em Wangs

Today I continued the wing finishing on the bottom of the left wing. For about 5 hours in the workshop, there is not a lot to report. There was a corner of the aileron/wing gap that needed to be widened just slightly, so I took care of that. Then the aileron was removed.  I thenContinue reading “Wipe ’em Wangs”