Playing hooky

I took a field trip to the upholstery shop to see Sean and his progress today. It is looking fantastic. He even had me bring the seats home and check fit again in the airplane. I’m not going to share the photos until it’s completely done, but you will love it. Today was a beautifulContinue reading “Playing hooky”

Just too nice of a day

Today I spent a little time working on a part for Vic. If you recall, about 5 months ago, Vic asked me to help fix a part for a friend’s hot tub. It seems as though when there are non-airplane projects they take longer than they should… or maybe I just get distracted by airplaneContinue reading “Just too nice of a day”

On Location

Christmas time for me means traveling. It is back to the Milwaukee area this year, leaving the Garaggio and related projects behind. With the way the holidays fall, I have some extra down time between family parties. I’m not used to being idle (and around family 🙂 ) this long, luckily I had planned ahead.Continue reading “On Location”