2 thoughts on “Cowl

  1. Hope to become part of this community. Not sure of of how EZ it is! Which web sites do you follow? I am sure I speak for many other potential builders of this wonderful aircraft when offering a heart felt thanks for people like yourself who go to the trouble of informing the rest of us about the trials and tribulations, warts and all, of making your dream come to life. Very best wishes, James Boswell from across the pond in Scotland.

    1. James, thanks for saying Hi. There are a few really good websites out there. Nate Mullins is an active builder that posts his progress almost daily. Mike Beasley has a fototime account with albums of photos from his build. Bernard Siu has a great website about building his cozy. James Redmon has a fantastic site with his Berkut build. Those should be enough to keep you busy for a few months. Let me know if you decide to get a project started.

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