Joe’s Fly Away Kit (FAK)

When I travel with the airplanes I try to pack a fly away kit that has the tools and materials that I think I could possibly need to fix minor maintenance issues. I have had more than one opportunity to use my FAK. It is impossible to think of every contingency, and for some repairs you just can’t plan to be self sufficient. But thinking through typical and easy tasks like replacing a spark plug, changing a tire, and troubleshooting an electrical gremlin and what tools you will need for these items is a good place to start. Try not to be like me and learn the hard way that it takes a 3/32 allen wrench to get your cowl off and you didn’t pack any…

Below is a picture of a FAK I’ve recently packed. A list of tools and items that usually are in my kit follows with links to some of the items that you can buy online. If you can purchase them though our links below, we get a small kickback, and it is appreciated. Please check back from time to time as we will add things and this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list.

Leave me comments below of what items you pack in your fly away kit that I may have overlooked and we will add them.

  • 1/4″ Drive ratchet set, 3/8″ drive and 3/4″ socket for prop bolts
  • Wrench set from 1/4″ to 3/4
  • various screwdrivers including ratcheting screwdriver and bits and electric screwdriver
  • various pliers
  • safety wire pliers and safety wire
  • tire pressure gauge
  • utility knife
  • crescent wrench
  • spark plug socket
  • allen wrench set
  • gloves
  • flashlight
  • mirror
  • magnet
  • side cutters
  • sharpies
  • multi-meter
  • electric screwdriver
  • jack pads
  • jb weld
  • sand paper
  • tape
  • files
  • fuel lube, dc4, RTV, etc
  • Spare spark plug
  • various hardware, screws, washers, zip ties, etc
  • Specialized tools for the airplane im flying. For instance, the legacy requires a crows foot to remove one of the spark plugs. The Long Ez requires a 3/16″ allen wrench to open the canopy. Etc.

More items coming soon.

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