Coraggio Long Ez – Details by Chapter

Chapter 0 – The project as we picked it up from the previous builder.

Chapters 1 thru 7, chapters 10 and 11, and part of chapter 18 were completed by the previous builder. Chapters 10 and 11, the canard and elevators were the older GU type canard, and I did not use these pieces.

Chapter 8 – Roll over & Seat Belts

Steel Tube Roll over structure

Chapter 9 – Main Gear / Landing Brake

Electric Landing Brake

Main Gear Airfoil Fairing

Chapter 10 – Canard (Roncz)

Chapter 11 – Elevators

Chapter 12 – Canard Installation

Chapter 13 – Nose and Nose Gear

Chapter 14 – Center Section Spar

Chapter 15 – Firewall and Accessories

Chapter 16  – Control System

Chapter 17 – Roll and Pitch Trim

Chapter 18 – Canopy

Pneumatic Canopy Stay

Hidden Hinges

Chapter 19 – Wings, Ailerons, and Wing Attach

Chapter 20 – Winglets

Stock Winglets (almost) & Why I sawzalled them off

Rev 2. Blended Blunder

Rev 3. Beautifully Blended

Chapter 21 – Strakes

Chapter 22 – Electrical System

Chapter 23 – Engine Installation

Fabricating my own engine mount

Chapter 24 – Covers, Fairings, and Consoles

Chapter 25 – Finishing

One thought on “Coraggio Long Ez – Details by Chapter

  1. Look forward to starting the build process. Some really outstanding Long EZs out there, many with helpful web sites. Where did I put that wish list!

    I watched Glen Waters build his wonderful Berkut. He has a background at the highest level in Motor Racing. He recons that for a modest amount of extra weight he can make the fuselage as safe in an accident as a single seater racing car. Using the latest techniques with carbon fibre need it be any heavier?

    Best wishes,
    James Boswell.

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