Coraggio Long Ez – Chapter 20 Winglets

The three sets of winglets that were installed, from right to left, stock, blended blunder, and beautifully blended.

My Long Ez has not flown yet and it has already had 3 sets of winglets. The above photo quality is poor, but you can see that 3 winglets that were on the left wing here. Why 3 sets of winglets? Well, that is a long story and the details can be found in the three sections below, but basically I was not happy with my workmanship on the first set, the per plans version. Instead of accepting those winglets, I looked at it as an opportunity to put blended winglets on my Long, which is what I really wanted from the beginning.

WARNING: The details of my blended winglet installation are shown on the next pages. The information provided is for entertainment only, I make no assertion as to the airworthiness or suitability of this mod for your aircraft. If you copy these ideas, you do so at your own risk and without permission. But I think they look really cool, and with the exception of a few gotcha’s which I found, were easier to install than the per plans winglets.

REV 1 – Stock Winglets (almost) & Why I sawzalled them off

Photo Gallery

REV 2 – Blended Blunder

Photo Gallery

REV 3 – Beautifully Blended

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