Comb the Desert

It seems as though I am in an every other work day blog post cadence right now. I just didn’t have anything left by the time I got done last night (this morning) to write a blog post, so I will combine yesterday and today. The major task for the last 2 or 3 workContinue reading “Comb the Desert”

Work Part Day 9; engine pulled

Dick is an expert welder and I need my engine mount repaired. If you go way back to the beginning of this blog, one of my earlier posts was that in order to hang the engine, I had to cut a tube out of the engine mount. When Dick and I fabricated the engine mount,Continue reading “Work Part Day 9; engine pulled”

Work Party Day 8; Dog Tired

Wingman and Dudley had a long day today, spending a considerable amount of time in the workshop. They are dog tired and sleeping it off in my lap. As for EZ progress, Jon was able to join Dick and I in the shop. Jon and Dick continued the progress on the baffles. They got furtherContinue reading “Work Party Day 8; Dog Tired”

Work Party Day 7; More of the same

We are making progress. Dick got the stainless exhaust mount brackets fit and welded together. They hold the exhaust well and just rigid enough to prevent ware but not rigid enough to promote cracking. These brackets will have to be lubricated with high temp anti seize to ensure they can “float” slightly. Dick also workedContinue reading “Work Party Day 7; More of the same”

Work Party Day 4; mounting electrical components, welcome dick

Today was a solo work party for the time in the shop. I kept going with the avionics shelf. I started by getting everything back into place and verifying that everything still had proper fit clearance. I set the canard into place and also verified that we have clearance on the elevator torque tube. I’mContinue reading “Work Party Day 4; mounting electrical components, welcome dick”

Work Party Day 3; more avionics mounting, bye weasel

Happy new year everyone. I hope that the new year brings you every blessing. 2014 was good for me, but I feel like 2015 is going to be a great one. Weasel had half the day to spend in the shop with me before he had to go home. We got a bit more progressContinue reading “Work Party Day 3; more avionics mounting, bye weasel”

String Theory

Today I got the rest of the GTN650 mounting bracket done and clecoed into place on the panel. After that, I turned to fabricating a shelf for the remote LRUs of the G3X system. LRU is line replaceable unit, which basically means it is an electronics box that can be mounted separately from the screensContinue reading “String Theory”