As usual

Set backs seem like the usual in airplane projects, and yesterday was a day of setbacks. Greg, Nate, and I each were working on things that are going to require repair, rework, and more fiddling. Greg and I were working on the baffle seal. We are trying to get the baffle seal material to layContinue reading “As usual”

Garaggio Welcomes…

Nate Mullins. Nate is a Long Ez builder who lives in San Antonio and last November got his Long EZ flying. He was able to get his going from acquiring the project to first flight in 3 years. He has done some really neat things to his airplane including developing the installation for the ULContinue reading “Garaggio Welcomes…”


I have been really really slacking on keeping this blog up to date. Not enough time in the day lately. So it is going to be mostly a picture update. Since the last post Kevin, Greg, and I have been working on finishing the baffles. What a pain. I am going to be very gladContinue reading “Baffles”

Antenna terminations, chasing the hum, and baffles

It seems that finding time to work in the shop is difficult this time of year. But today, Eric and I were able to spend the majority of the day working on things. Eric got all but one of the antenna BNC connectors crimped on. We need to order one more BNC connector and weContinue reading “Antenna terminations, chasing the hum, and baffles”

Where have I been hiding?

Garaggio time has been somewhat limited lately. It is less than one week until the application deadline and just over three weeks until the AirVenture Cup, so distractions abound. And that ugly four letter word… work… keeps getting in the way too. But, today I actually got nearly a full day in the workshop. Oh and I wouldContinue reading “Where have I been hiding?”

Baffle Redoux

There is no way around redoing baffle pieces. So I continued the work Greg and I started yesterday. Though a friend of mine, Jeff, and I FaceTimed today and came up with a method that should make this somewhat easier.  I’m going to make the baffles in more pieces. Then once we have something thatContinue reading “Baffle Redoux”

Happy Gilmore 

Remember the scenes in Happy Gilmore where he is at the putt-putt golf course and the windmill keeps blocking his putt, like multiple times in a row? Or the scene where he says to Bob Barker, “Price is wrong *****!”    Aft baffles, and subsequently part of the sides won’t work. Seems as though IContinue reading “Happy Gilmore “

and more Baffling

Good news is that I think I have all the rigid part of the baffling done and mostly secured. There is one hole to drill in each inter cylinder baffle for a piece of safety wire to go through, and a tie rod to put between the fore and aft cylinder barrel wraps on theContinue reading “and more Baffling”

Short update 

I took a red eye home this morning so I needed a long nap but Greg and I spent a few hours this afternoon riveting more baffle pieces together and adding nutplates to baffles. Amazing how much time those things are sucking up.  I also got the canard nutplates bonded in.    And we gotContinue reading “Short update “

Inching along

Greg and I spent a few hours in the shop today. Got some progress made on baffles. Greg mounted located a bunch of holes, and mounted nut plates. I got the inter cylinder baffles nearly done. Also got grommets in the forward baffle for the spark plug wires. Doesn’t sound like much, but maybe oneContinue reading “Inching along”