Work Party Day 8; Dog Tired

Wingman and Dudley had a long day today, spending a considerable amount of time in the workshop. They are dog tired and sleeping it off in my lap. As for EZ progress, Jon was able to join Dick and I in the shop. Jon and Dick continued the progress on the baffles. They got furtherContinue reading “Work Party Day 8; Dog Tired”

Work Party Day 6; Bend, fit, and trim

More progress in the Garaggio. I think today was the most productive of the work party days thus far. We spent the majority of the day on the aft baffles, but when I had time I did make some progress on nut plate mounting rings for some of the avionics components. These rings will holdContinue reading “Work Party Day 6; Bend, fit, and trim”

Filing and fitting

Only a short visit home this week. Between getting some rest and other things going on, it wasn’t very productive. Which is frustrating, but to be expected. It’s back to work tomorrow. I did some more grinding and filing on baffle pieces. I’m getting to the point where I don’t have many excuses left toContinue reading “Filing and fitting”

Brackets, upholstery, and time consuming scrap aluminum

I was too tired at the end of the night last night to post, so this post covers the last two days. Yesterday, Greg was able to come and help, and he was the most productive of the two of us. He was able to get the new forward mount for the oil cooler done,Continue reading “Brackets, upholstery, and time consuming scrap aluminum”

Road Trip

Greg and I measured all of the strings representing wiring paths this morning and took notes. Then took the instrument panel and avionics shelf out of the airplane and gathered all of the components we needed to take to SteinAir for our 1:00 meeting. We met up with Jon and basically the rest of gangContinue reading “Road Trip”

Playing hooky

I took a field trip to the upholstery shop to see Sean and his progress today. It is looking fantastic. He even had me bring the seats home and check fit again in the airplane. I’m not going to share the photos until it’s completely done, but you will love it. Today was a beautifulContinue reading “Playing hooky”

The Gang’s all here

Not only has it been a while since I have been in the workshop, but my regular helpers have been missing in action for a while too. Both due to their own reasons. But today, both Jon and Greg were able to be in the Garaggio with me. It really jumpstarted the return to progressContinue reading “The Gang’s all here”