Builders Break

Its been a while since I have posted. Between battling a three week long cold that just won’t let go and trying to stay rested for work, I haven’t gotten a lot of time to work on the project. Mentally I needed a bit of a builders break too. I wasn’t able to turn aContinue reading “Builders Break”

Work Party Day 7; More of the same

We are making progress. Dick got the stainless exhaust mount brackets fit and welded together. They hold the exhaust well and just rigid enough to prevent ware but not rigid enough to promote cracking. These brackets will have to be lubricated with high temp anti seize to ensure they can “float” slightly. Dick also workedContinue reading “Work Party Day 7; More of the same”

Work Party Day 5; Baffles and Brackets

Today Dick and I spent a considerable amount of time discussing the plans for engine and oil cooling as well as a few other projects including the engine mount repair. As part of this, we decided to change our plan slightly on the baffles. We are going to make the aft baffle in 3 piecesContinue reading “Work Party Day 5; Baffles and Brackets”

AC 43.13

It’s the bible for aircraft builders and mechanics. Everyone should have a copy of it. At least download it and have it near by on an iPad or something. You can find a copy of it here. Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices – Aircraft Inspection and Repair I had to drag my copy of theContinue reading “AC 43.13”

Cardboard, tape, and planning

    Today was one of those days where Greg and I spent almost all day┬áin the workshop, and not much seemed to get done. We spent a lot of time planning and thinking forward in the engine hook up and electrical systems. It always seems that whenever I transition from one major phase ofContinue reading “Cardboard, tape, and planning”