Todays Episode Brought to you by Sweet Martha’s Cookies

Anyone else recall how every episode of Sesame Street started with “today’s episode brought to you by the letter [A]?” Well today’s Garaggio session is brought to you by sweet Martha’s Cookies. For those of you who have never been to the Minnesota State fare, your missing out. One of the staple sod the fairContinue reading “Todays Episode Brought to you by Sweet Martha’s Cookies”

Wipe ’em Wangs

Today I continued the wing finishing on the bottom of the left wing. For about 5 hours in the workshop, there is not a lot to report. There was a corner of the aileron/wing gap that needed to be widened just slightly, so I took care of that. Then the aileron was removed.  I thenContinue reading “Wipe ’em Wangs”

You won’t believe what we did in the shop today

Sanded! Yup. More sanding. Ryan and I sanded the primer runs off the cowl and also sanded on the induction inlet and gear legs. The induction inlet and gear legs are now ready for epoxy wipe, which should happen tomorrow. I’ll probably attempt to spray the cowl again. Had to take a photo of somethingContinue reading “You won’t believe what we did in the shop today”

Magic Eye

You know those Magic Eye paintings? Yea, the ones that look like some randomized, repetitive pattern. But… if you squint your eyes just right, an image appears? The Ez is starting to look just like that to me. I had one of those moments today when Greg and I put the cowl back on, andContinue reading “Magic Eye”

A whole day, no Jeannie

Today turned into a day of nothing but sanding. I know, what a shocker, it’s a composite airplane. There is so much rubbing required a Jeannie should pop out with three wishes. Alas, today way not my day for granted wishes. I started with sanding down the landing brake since the primer was dry. LetContinue reading “A whole day, no Jeannie”

Onward to Primer

Today I contour sanded the epoxy wipe on the landing brake. I started with 220, and it took quite some time. I probably could have started with 80 or 120, and then switched to 220. I have received differing advice on what grit to use before applying the UV Smooth Prime. The manufacturer recommended betweenContinue reading “Onward to Primer”

Moving right along

The garaggio needed a little maintenance today. Last night, a roller on the garage door broke. luckily the door didn’t fall apart or come crashing down. So we started the workshop session by replacing the roller. On to the EZ. I started contouring the micro light patches that were applied yesterday. They all sanded outContinue reading “Moving right along”

Rework, Replacement Parts, & Fairings

Yesterday Greg came over and we did a few odds and ends. One of which was to contour the fuel quick drain depressions, NACA fresh air inlet, and the micro light patches. In addition, the UPS man came bearing gifts. My new wheels and brakes from Grove arrived. So naturally we had to mount theContinue reading “Rework, Replacement Parts, & Fairings”

Starting to look, good from a far…

Yesterday and today were spent contour sanding the belly. I only have the patience for this mind numbing work in blocks of about an hour at a time. Unless of course I have someone in the shop with me to keep me motivated. Luckily, Greg was able to come today and we got a lotContinue reading “Starting to look, good from a far…”

Rough River Motivation Episode 6

The morning was spent flying as safety pilot for some instrument approaches. It was a beautiful day for flying, glad I wasn’t under a hood! After that was done, it was to the Garaggio to work. Greg and I got the cowl and landing brake prep sanded for micro application. In addition, the seam formsContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 6”