Gear door saga continues

Today I had to work, but it was only a day trip so I got some time in the Garaggio. I got some words of advice from Mike and James on the gear doors. I am not going to worry too much if the doors snap open. But I didn’t consider side loads on theContinue reading “Gear door saga continues”

Its been a while…

Well, it has been a while since I have posted on my blog. Rest assured that there have been things happening in the Garaggio for the last month and a half, I just haven’t kept up with the blog. So the textual detail will be somewhat sparse, but in a few posts I would likeContinue reading “Its been a while…”

Mounting the top Cowl

Well, since we have a rough cowl, now we have to trim and mount it. Trimming was accomplished pretty easily with a tin snips for rough trimming and then sanding to my trim lines. Bonding areas for the mounting flanges along the wings were prep sanded and the cowl was then jigged in place usingContinue reading “Mounting the top Cowl”

Time to mount the cowl.

Today I was planning on getting started working on mounting the cowl. In order to do that, the wings have to be on. So it was time to rearrange the shop yet again and mount the wings. First up is rearrange the workshop to get the fuselage in the proper location for mounting the wings.Continue reading “Time to mount the cowl.”