Flippin’ Airplane

Flippin’ Airplane – March 28th 2013 So we left off the last post with a teaser for the bottom cowl. I need to get these pages caught up… In the last post, we were still working on little bits and pieces until we were ready to flip the airplane upside down. In order to makeContinue reading “Flippin’ Airplane”

Mounting the top Cowl

Well, since we have a rough cowl, now we have to trim and mount it. Trimming was accomplished pretty easily with a tin snips for rough trimming and then sanding to my trim lines. Bonding areas for the mounting flanges along the wings were prep sanded and the cowl was then jigged in place usingContinue reading “Mounting the top Cowl”

Top Cowl Curing

Yesterday I spent the day prepping the top cowl mold for the layup. I added the joggle for the mounting flange. Also, Jon came over and gave it a once over since he hasn’t been in the workshop in a while to see how it was shaping up. Convinced I was ready for a layup,Continue reading “Top Cowl Curing”

Pour Foam/Sand, Repeat, Drywall Mud/Sand, Repeat

It seems that I haven’t been able to get much time in the workshop lately, and when I do that I don’t get much done. This cowl fabrication has been consuming my brain power, and I have not been able to give much thought to working on other parts of the airplane. In the lastContinue reading “Pour Foam/Sand, Repeat, Drywall Mud/Sand, Repeat”

Top cowl shape is getting there

Over the last five or six days, social obligations kept me out of the shop more than I would have liked, but I was able to get a little done. Plus, I was having guests over, so the workshop had to get cleaned too. The shop had quite a few visitors, Weasel and Craig flewContinue reading “Top cowl shape is getting there”

Cowl Surgery Continues

Since my last post, I have gotten the cowl flanges jigged to the airplane, and started to build the form for the new cowl. I previously had made a template that will define the outlet of the air exit, and that was bolted to the prop extension. The next step was to add some guidesContinue reading “Cowl Surgery Continues”