Onward to Primer

Today I contour sanded the epoxy wipe on the landing brake. I started with 220, and it took quite some time. I probably could have started with 80 or 120, and then switched to 220. I have received differing advice on what grit to use before applying the UV Smooth Prime. The manufacturer recommended betweenContinue reading “Onward to Primer”

5K for the garaggio

Today we crossed the 5,000 hit mark for the blog. We only have 15 official “followers” who have let me know they are here by subscribing, but obviously we have a few more who frequent the blog. Hope those of you who stop by the Garaggio find some entertainment or value from it. I certainlyContinue reading “5K for the garaggio”

Gear door saga continues

Today I had to work, but it was only a day trip so I got some time in the Garaggio. I got some words of advice from Mike and James on the gear doors. I am not going to worry too much if the doors snap open. But I didn’t consider side loads on theContinue reading “Gear door saga continues”

Rough River Motivation Episode 7

Today the Garaggio had cameos from Craig and Andy. They need to build twin time, so the flew up to help on the Ez. Thanks a ton guys! Craig gave the contoured surfaces an inspection and was pretty happy with them. He did find a few areas to watch once I get primer on. HeContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 7”

Rough River Motivation Episode 6

The morning was spent flying as safety pilot for some instrument approaches. It was a beautiful day for flying, glad I wasn’t under a hood! After that was done, it was to the Garaggio to work. Greg and I got the cowl and landing brake prep sanded for micro application. In addition, the seam formsContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 6”

Rough River Motivation Episode 3

Today Greg came over to help. We started with working on the induction scoop. I noticed that the screws through the firewall no longer were in alignment. When I bonded the two pieces, the diffuser duct and the aerodynamic cover, I had the screws through the firewall/diffuser and clecos in the cover. Unfortunately, I didContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 3”

Rough River Motivation Episode 2

Today started by releasing the bottom cowl from the top. It took some motivation (force) to do this. I found that composite hardware store shims helped. I used them as flexible wedges to separate the cured carbon fiber from the release tape. Once the cowl was separated, I removed the peel ply. Taking that stuffContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 2”

After Rough River motivation!

Rough River is a great fly in. If you haven’t been, you should go! I had debated with myself if it was a good idea to go, or to stay in the workshop and make progress. The answer, in hindsight, is simple. Absolutely go to Rough River. This was the first time I flew intoContinue reading “After Rough River motivation!”