All flight controls flapping in the breeze

Today was another good day in the Garaggio. The second biggest excitement (The first was that Greg and I got the baffles done, and that was in the previous post) was that Nate and I got the rudders actuated. We still need to get the rudder cables run up to the pedals in the front.Continue reading “All flight controls flapping in the breeze”

Builders Break

Its been a while since I have posted. Between battling a three week long cold that just won’t let go and trying to stay rested for work, I haven’t gotten a lot of time to work on the project. Mentally I needed a bit of a builders break too. I wasn’t able to turn aContinue reading “Builders Break”

Engine Off

Well, there have been no posts for the last few workshop sessions. I made many missteps in fabricating the engine stand, most of which were due to my poor geometry and lack of ability to cut compound angles in steel. I only have a horizontal band saw for making semi-accurate cuts and it only doesContinue reading “Engine Off”

Lycasauraus meet Ez

I made a goal about a month ago to get the engine mounted to the airplane by Christmas. To get that done I pushed really hard to get everything done that would be more difficult with the engine installed. That included finishing the aileron control installation, main landing gear fairing, and gear doors. Today wasContinue reading “Lycasauraus meet Ez”