5 Years for Betty

November 2nd was the fifth anniversary of Betty’s first flight. So in celebration we had to take Betty flying, of course. As luck would have it, Jon was here on a layover to celebrate. Jon helped me on Betty all the way back to the early days, I think even the first year I wasContinue reading “5 Years for Betty”

Greg’s Visit Recap

I ended up a bit behind on blogging while Greg was here. By the time we were done with the day’s activities and I ensured my slave labor, I mean volunteer help, was well fed, I just didn’t have it in me to write up a post. So in an effort to document what weContinue reading “Greg’s Visit Recap”

Cardboard, tape, and planning

    Today was one of those days where Greg and I spent almost all day┬áin the workshop, and not much seemed to get done. We spent a lot of time planning and thinking forward in the engine hook up and electrical systems. It always seems that whenever I transition from one major phase ofContinue reading “Cardboard, tape, and planning”