Learning a New Technique

Vacuum bagging is a skill I have yet to master, as was proven when we attempted bagging the old design upper tool cowl. so why not take it one step further and try to learn vacuum bagging and vacuum resin infusion all at the same time? I like to take big bites of the elephant,Continue reading “Learning a New Technique”

Oil Cooler Replacement

I mentioned in the last post that after getting the wheel pants on Betty, the airplane was ALMOST ready to fly. The reason it wasn’t fully ready was during the wheel pant installation I removed the cowl. When I removed the cowl, I found this floating around inside the bottom cowl. When I initially foundContinue reading “Oil Cooler Replacement”

Garaggio EZ Victory Tour – Phoenix – Denver – St. Paul

Wednesday I finished with work early, so I was able to start Betty’s trek back home to the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The high level plan for the trip was to fly to Denver and spend the night with my buddy Lance. Then the next day make it all the way toContinue reading “Garaggio EZ Victory Tour – Phoenix – Denver – St. Paul”

2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In – Sunday

Sunday was go home day. We woke up, checked out of the hotel and had one last meal at the Voyager Cafe. Then we launched as a two ship back to Phoenix. Again the flight was very enjoyable. Abeam Deer Valley, Ben and I split off from each other and he continued home to FalconContinue reading “2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In – Sunday”

2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In -Saturday

Saturday was the main event for the MEFI. There must have been around 100 airplanes there and 1,000 people. There were all kinds of cool things there. Most of them rare. Elliot Seguin’s twin engine jet powered Quickie, the ARES, White Knight II, an airplane called the Shirocko, and tons of other stuff. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In -Saturday”

2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In – Friday

The second major reason for taking the Garaggio Ez out west was to be pre-positioned for the Mojave Experimental Fly In which was April 15-17. Ever since they shortened the day to 24 hours on me, I have had a hard time keeping up with blogging, much less flying the airplane 1600 miles in one shot.Continue reading “2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In – Friday”

Pat and his Family Go for an Ez Ride

April is typically the month that most of my family comes down to the Phoenix area to visit with my grandparents. As such, I was able to meet up with Pat and his family too to give them each a Garaggio Ez ride. I could do it back in Milwaukee, but the it is soContinue reading “Pat and his Family Go for an Ez Ride”

Day Trip to La Cholla for a good cause

Friend and AirVenture Cup Racer Steve Applebaum hit me up a few weeks ago to go and do a pre-buy inspection on an airplane he was considering buying that was located at La Cholla Airpark near Tucson, AZ. The airplane was the prototype Spezio Tuholer and he needed someone to go take a look toContinue reading “Day Trip to La Cholla for a good cause”