2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In – Friday

The second major reason for taking the Garaggio Ez out west was to be pre-positioned for the Mojave Experimental Fly In which was AprilĀ 15-17. Ever since they shortened the day to 24 hours on me, I have had a hard time keeping up with blogging, much less flying the airplane 1600 miles in one shot.Continue reading “2016 Victory Tour – Mojave Experimental Fly In – Friday”

Day Trip to La Cholla for a good cause

Friend and AirVenture Cup Racer Steve Applebaum hit me up a few weeks ago to go and do a pre-buy inspection on an airplane he was considering buying that was located at La Cholla Airpark near Tucson, AZ. The airplane was the prototype Spezio Tuholer and he needed someone to go take a look toContinue reading “Day Trip to La Cholla for a good cause”

Underlying Motivation

I have a confession. I have hadĀ an underlying motivation while building the Garaggio EZ. Something that kept me working hard and wanting to get my airplane through to first flight. I wanted to give my Grandpa a ride in Betty. Grandpa has flown with me before. I had given him a ride at my highContinue reading “Underlying Motivation”

Thanks Be Given

I spent a bit of time today picking up new springs for the gear doors and pondering solutions. I didn’t get too far in that, and need to spends some more time with it. Despite being a pretty cold day, it was a nice day for flying. So Kevin and I took Bob’s beautiful RVContinue reading “Thanks Be Given”