White is Beautiful

Yea, there is some audacity in the title, but bear with me. Today was a day with a lot happening in the Garaggio. In the morning I started by cleaning up yesterday’s gear intersection fairing layups. Basically trimming them, sanding the trailing edge to a nice tangent curve, and cleaning up any loose ends. IContinue reading “White is Beautiful”

Intersection Fairing: Fin

Yesterday’s layup was cured, so I cleaned up the upper side of the gear intersection fairing. I think it looked pretty good. Since I am no good at hand stands, I took a photo and rotated it. After the upper surface layup was cleaned up, I turned to the bottom surface. A bit of sanding,Continue reading “Intersection Fairing: Fin”

Sand, sand, sand

Today was more… You guessed it… Sanding. Luckily we had a visitor to make the day a bit more fun. Thanks Vic for coming over. We started by taking the wax and aluminum out of the seams then got right down to contour sanding. This was Vic’s first time helping in the Garaggio, as wellContinue reading “Sand, sand, sand”

“Center, we are looking for lower.”

Today was a bunch of little things. I dressed the edges of the landing brake and re-installed it. I also got the remaining surface of the gear leg/fuselage intersection fairing laid up. Then I turned my attention to the nose gear doors. I have never been happy with the ones that I have, or theContinue reading ““Center, we are looking for lower.””