Project Patrol: Nate Mullins Long Ez

Long term Airbus training for work seems like it is taking eons to complete. Truth be told for a new-hire course it is actually fairly compact. However, even with the weekly two day sabbatical home, it seems like I have been out of the Garaggio for much too long. I am itching to get back toContinue reading “Project Patrol: Nate Mullins Long Ez”

Magic Eye

You know those Magic Eye paintings? Yea, the ones that look like some randomized, repetitive pattern. But… if you squint your eyes just right, an image appears? The Ez is starting to look just like that to me. I had one of those moments today when Greg and I put the cowl back on, andContinue reading “Magic Eye”

Conduits and Relief Tubes

Today started with getting the left side gear intersection fairing cut out for more clearance on the gear legs as we did with the other side. Now we have enough clearance to allow for gear movement during ground ops. Then Greg got the brake conduits and relief tubes prepared for installation. They were clamped intoContinue reading “Conduits and Relief Tubes”