Brakes, Baffles, and Wipe

Today Greg came over and he spent a lot of time working on baffles. I helped here and there in between different things. I think we can say that we have the lion’s share done on the metal pieces. All sections seem to be fitting well now and most anchor points are reinforced and mounted toContinue reading “Brakes, Baffles, and Wipe”

Yesterday: Fiddling

I forgot to post a blog yesterday. But, there wasn’t much in the way of progress to report. It was one of those “fiddle fart” around days that didn’t seem to get much completed, even though Greg and I spent the majority of the day in the shop. My major accomplishment for the day was gettingContinue reading “Yesterday: Fiddling”

Carpe Diem

Today was such a beautiful day here. One of those days you just have to take advantage of. Plus, May 2nd is a day I am reminded not to take my time for granted. So how better to ‘carpe diem’ than going for an airplane ride. My buddy Dru picked me up in his beautifullyContinue reading “Carpe Diem”

Back forward back

Today was another one of those days. Greg and I got the throttle and mixture cables up to the cockpit. When we got them hooked up to the throttle and mixture levers, we realized that in fact the throttle required a reversing type lever. This means that the cable had to be attached below theContinue reading “Back forward back”

Back from Vacation, and the most looked forward to day of the year

That is right, today was the first day I could work with the overhead door open in the shop. There have been other days with the temperature high enough, but I was either gone, or it was too windy. Man is it nice to ‘be outside’ while working. 🙂 Just after opening up the garageContinue reading “Back from Vacation, and the most looked forward to day of the year”