Operation Prime: Part 3

Had a lot of “other things” to do today, so that cut into Garaggio time. Short post tonight, as there isn’t much detail to give. I am still working towards being able to get primer on the rest of the exterior of the airplane. To that end, I contour sanded the ailerons and the places on theContinue reading “Operation Prime: Part 3”

Operation Prime, Part Duce

Its been a couple days since the last post, and I did get to work on the airplane for a short while sanding three days ago. There was not much to show for it so forgive me for not putting up a blog post and another picture of a microed surface that still needs work.Continue reading “Operation Prime, Part Duce”

Magic Eye

You know those Magic Eye paintings? Yea, the ones that look like some randomized, repetitive pattern. But… if you squint your eyes just right, an image appears? The Ez is starting to look just like that to me. I had one of those moments today when Greg and I put the cowl back on, andContinue reading “Magic Eye”

Intersection Fairing: Fin

Yesterday’s layup was cured, so I cleaned up the upper side of the gear intersection fairing. I think it looked pretty good. Since I am no good at hand stands, I took a photo and rotated it. After the upper surface layup was cleaned up, I turned to the bottom surface. A bit of sanding,Continue reading “Intersection Fairing: Fin”

Intersection Fairings: Part Duex

I joke with Weasel that it’s not an airplane project until you have made every part twice, and in my case sometimes more than that. So far on the gear intersection fairings we are on the second part for each one. Jon was able to come over today and he worked mostly on the fairings.Continue reading “Intersection Fairings: Part Duex”

Onward to Primer

Today I contour sanded the epoxy wipe on the landing brake. I started with 220, and it took quite some time. I probably could have started with 80 or 120, and then switched to 220. I have received differing advice on what grit to use before applying the UV Smooth Prime. The manufacturer recommended betweenContinue reading “Onward to Primer”

Moving right along

The garaggio needed a little maintenance today. Last night, a roller on the garage door broke. luckily the door didn’t fall apart or come crashing down. So we started the workshop session by replacing the roller. On to the EZ. I started contouring the micro light patches that were applied yesterday. They all sanded outContinue reading “Moving right along”

Conduits and Relief Tubes

Today started with getting the left side gear intersection fairing cut out for more clearance on the gear legs as we did with the other side. Now we have enough clearance to allow for gear movement during ground ops. Then Greg got the brake conduits and relief tubes prepared for installation. They were clamped intoContinue reading “Conduits and Relief Tubes”