The way of ‘plumbing projects’

The last two days were somewhat frustrating in the workshop, but ended with getting my mojo back. I hate household plumbing projects because, for me, they typically go something like this.  Make a plan. Go to the store to pick up parts. Start disassembly/modification. Clean up. Start reassembly/fabrication/installation.  Realize you don’t have parts you needContinue reading “The way of ‘plumbing projects’”

Cable routing redoux 

A few days ago Greg and I intended to measure the length of cable required for the throttle and mixture. We started running into troubles due to cowl interference. So we started brainstorming alternatives, again. Finally we determined that both control arms had to be on the right side of the fuel injection servo andContinue reading “Cable routing redoux “

Back from Vacation, and the most looked forward to day of the year

That is right, today was the first day I could work with the overhead door open in the shop. There have been other days with the temperature high enough, but I was either gone, or it was too windy. Man is it nice to ‘be outside’ while working. 🙂 Just after opening up the garageContinue reading “Back from Vacation, and the most looked forward to day of the year”


The other half is insisting on a vacation, and who am I to object? So I won’t be back in the Garaggio for a little while. Today was filled with preparations to be gone for 2 weeks. So I didn’t get what I wanted to done, but we had a very productive week. So I’mContinue reading “Vacation”