Rough River Motivation Episode 7

Today the Garaggio had cameos from Craig and Andy. They need to build twin time, so the flew up to help on the Ez. Thanks a ton guys! Craig gave the contoured surfaces an inspection and was pretty happy with them. He did find a few areas to watch once I get primer on. HeContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 7”

Rough River Motivation Episode 5

Today didn’t seem like a lot got accomplished for almost an entire day filled with sanding. I have to admit that I take more breaks and don’t seem to work as long of days when contouring is the plan for the day. I am going to have to play my cards around this fact. NoteContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 5”

Rough River Motivation Episode 2

Today started by releasing the bottom cowl from the top. It took some motivation (force) to do this. I found that composite hardware store shims helped. I used them as flexible wedges to separate the cured carbon fiber from the release tape. Once the cowl was separated, I removed the peel ply. Taking that stuffContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 2”