Front Engine Oil Cooler Duct

Over the last many days, I have worked on the front engine oil cooler duct. It is a simple part, but has taken a few cure cycles to make. I broke the part down into multiple pieces to make it easier to fabricate. Just like the rear engine diffusers, I decided to make the ductContinue reading “Front Engine Oil Cooler Duct”

Rear Engine: Plenum Diffusers and Cowl doesn’t fit

Kevin and I spent most the day at the hangar on Saturday. We were able to get a lot done. When we separated the rear engine plenum diffusers from their plugs, the fiberglass released from the vinyl tape on half of each diffuser. On the other half, it stuck tenaciously. I have never had thisContinue reading “Rear Engine: Plenum Diffusers and Cowl doesn’t fit”

Oil Cooler Issues…

… Not just for the Polen during Oshkosh week. I was otherwise occupied today doing repairs to tile floor grout, which didn’t leave much time for the workshop today. What little time I got was disappointing. I started trimming the oil cooler exit duct. When I put it into position, it was clear right awayContinue reading “Oil Cooler Issues…”