Back to Baffles, SerNo.3

I promise I haven’t given up on the project. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. There is always a lot of work leading up to Oshkosh and the AirVenture Cup. But as always it was a highlight of the year. In fact, the weekend of the AirVenture Cup was my bestContinue reading “Back to Baffles, SerNo.3”

It’s time

to get the firewall on this beast. That is all that is holding up remounting the engine. Which is what is holding up the remainder of engine hook ups like throttle and mixture cable. Which is what is holding up first engine start. This project is a big domino effect, and I can’t wait toContinue reading “It’s time”

More of the same

Not really a lot new for today’s workshop session. I worked on more of the same. In between tasks I tried to put some tools away and clean up a bit.  Here is the other side of the intercylinder baffles. The aluminum pieces are done for both sides. Next will be drilling holes to fastenContinue reading “More of the same”

Surprise Victory

Last week I was disappointed that the oil cooler exit duct didn’t fit. I spent some time while I was on the road for work thinking about it. I realized that I only installed the oil cooler with one of the two mounting brackets and the oil cooler could be out of position. When IContinue reading “Surprise Victory”

Full Garaggio, and our Granbury Location

First things first. Big shout out to Dick who has been working on fixing our engine mount jig in order to normalize my repaired engine mount. He took the mount with him when he went home to Granbury. Since then, he has had to do a huge amount of work to restore the engine mountContinue reading “Full Garaggio, and our Granbury Location”


Today, I felt a bit scatterbrained. I just really couldn’t get any traction on any one task. I started by releasing the layup we did yesterday on the gear actuator cover. I then trimmed the part and sanded off all the fiberglass prickers I could find. Pity, you never find them all. The part isContinue reading “Scatterbrained”