Hood Work & Stick of Pain

Today we had to do a flight review for Greg and get him instrument current. So we had to get the hood (view limiting device) out and do some flying. Guess it pays to be a flight instructor. That took most of the day but I was still able to get a few hours inContinue reading “Hood Work & Stick of Pain”

Todays Episode Brought to you by Sweet Martha’s Cookies

Anyone else recall how every episode of Sesame Street started with “today’s episode brought to you by the letter [A]?” Well today’s Garaggio session is brought to you by sweet Martha’s Cookies. For those of you who have never been to the Minnesota State fare, your missing out. One of the staple sod the fairContinue reading “Todays Episode Brought to you by Sweet Martha’s Cookies”

A few hours

Today’s post is short and sweet. Got back from Newark and spent a few hours in the Garaggio sanding. Still lots more to go. You can somewhat see the surface condition in this photo. Still much fill to remove. Wish I would have gotten more done. But I think I left a “note to self”Continue reading “A few hours”

Distraction from Distraction

I have received a few emails and comments asking where I have been and why I haven’t posted on the blog. Rest assured that while the last 10 days or so have been full of distractions that have kept me out of the Garaggio, I had the opportunity to spend the day out there today.Continue reading “Distraction from Distraction”

Wipe ’em Wangs

Today I continued the wing finishing on the bottom of the left wing. For about 5 hours in the workshop, there is not a lot to report. There was a corner of the aileron/wing gap that needed to be widened just slightly, so I took care of that. Then the aileron was removed.  I thenContinue reading “Wipe ’em Wangs”