Ever since they shortened the day to 24 hours

Ever since they shortened the day to 24 hours, I never seem to get as much done as I want to. Or maybe it is just that most tasks in the Garaggio take longer than my optimistic plans. Whatever the reason, I must say that whatever ┬ámotivation I was lacking yesterday, was located and putContinue reading “Ever since they shortened the day to 24 hours”

Here Motivation, here boy, Here Motivation

Today was one of those days in the workshop where I couldn’t seem to locate my motivation. I know it is somewhere out there, but for whatever reason it eluded me the entire time. Never the less I did spend a bit of time out there. The biggest thing I got done was making aContinue reading “Here Motivation, here boy, Here Motivation”

Smear the…

Today was the day to smear the top of the left wing. I am still amazed at just how much of a visual transformation it is to have a large surface all white. I am so very thankful for how much time Greg has been putting in with me lately. He was here from 0900Continue reading “Smear the…”

Wax off, wax on Daniel-son

We are in deep in the throws of sand/fill/sand/fill/sand well, you get the picture. My arms feel like I would imagine Daniel Larusso’s did after washing and waxing Mr. Miyagi’s collection of cars. Sadly, I don’t think the muscle memory from the 45 degree sanding motions will give any advantage in hand to hand combat.Continue reading “Wax off, wax on Daniel-son”

Rough River Motivation Episode 4

Today was somewhat slow in the workshop. Sleeping in after social engagements last night, a surprise visit from a friend, and dinner plans this evening cut into progress. I did however work on a few things. I cleaned up the layup on the induction scoop and prep for micro. I cleaned up the cowl trailingContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 4”