Stainless Steel is not just for kitchen appliances

Today Greg was with me in the shop all day. We continued working on the firewall. It took me almost all day to cut, fit, cut, fit, drill, fit, drill fit, and repeat with the stainless firewall. While I was working on that, Greg made up templates for the left and right spar, in betweenContinue reading “Stainless Steel is not just for kitchen appliances”

Operation Firewall

I got home this morning at 0545 after flying 3,350+ miles yesterday, so a nap was in order. After sufficient sleep and pro-caffeination, I made my way out to the Garaggio. There were¬†a few details to work through on the firewall template including drilling 6 remaining mounting holes, mounting the ANL current limiter for theContinue reading “Operation Firewall”