Garaggio On Location: Warner Robbins, GA

I had so much fun doing the composite finishing on the Garaggio Ez…. sand, fill, sand, fill, sand, repeat… that I was kinda missing it. So much so in fact, I decided I needed to find some more sanding and filling to do. So I’m helping with this process on a buddy’s airplane. Oh, andContinue reading “Garaggio On Location: Warner Robbins, GA”

After Oshkosh, a nibble on the Elephant

It has been almost a month since I have posted on the Garaggio. Thats mostly because it has been a month since I have been able to spend any time in the workshop. The AirVenture Cup and Oshkosh both suck up a lot of time. I was lucky to get time off work for bothContinue reading “After Oshkosh, a nibble on the Elephant”

Frosted Canopy

I decided to take the later flight back to training today so that I could get just one more thing done on the airplane. I was able to get the interior and canopy rail bottoms slathered in micro. It will get sanded out when I get home, hopefully with a new type rating.


You know that feeling when you are all excited to watch your show on TV for the night. Then you realize it is a re-run. Not only is it a re-run, but it is a re-run of the least desirable episode. That was today in the Garaggio. You guessed it, yet more contour sanding ofContinue reading “Re-run”

Stay the Course

Today was 4 or 5 hours of sanding the epoxy wipe, and it sands like concrete! If I didn’t have such good results with the epoxy wipe on the cowl and landing brake, I would abandon it. But trust me, it is worth it. The landing brake had zero pin holes, and the entire bottomContinue reading “Stay the Course”

The obligatory hour

Made it home from thanksgiving travels and was able to put in some time in the workshop. I’m trying to keep up with my rule of at least an hour in the Garaggio every day I’m home. So to that end, I was able to get micro on the gear doors. I’m switching gears toContinue reading “The obligatory hour”

Rough River Motivation Episode 6

The morning was spent flying as safety pilot for some instrument approaches. It was a beautiful day for flying, glad I wasn’t under a hood! After that was done, it was to the Garaggio to work. Greg and I got the cowl and landing brake prep sanded for micro application. In addition, the seam formsContinue reading “Rough River Motivation Episode 6”

A day of work is in the bag, so to speak.

Another day of work is in the bag, literally. Today was spent making a long board sanding spline, and then contouring the lower surface of the wings and strikes. A days worth of contouring, and this is what I have to show for it, half a bag of dust. Incidentally, I was shocked how muchContinue reading “A day of work is in the bag, so to speak.”

After Oshkosh Motivation

Well, I have been nudged into keeping this blog going, and have done to the realization that if I attempt to catch the blog up on the cowl process, I will never get back to regular posting. The lower cowl method was the same as the upper cowl, with the exception of the air inletsContinue reading “After Oshkosh Motivation”