Solo cleanup

My day, well after finishing the last blog post, started by me thinking I should clean up the mess in the shop. I had every intention of getting things back into order. But after a few minutes of putting tools away and cleaning up a gazillion zip tie cut offs, I wavered and went backContinue reading “Solo cleanup”


I only had about two hours today before it was time to head back to work. So I started by securing the wiring bundles to the zip tie anchors that we put in yesterday. Then I started working on sorting out the tangle town of wires I have for the nose gear retraction system. ThisContinue reading “Tangletown”

Garaggio Social

Today was a fun day in the Garaggio. I had two visitor helpers. Dru Dunwoody and Craig Henry both came over. Dru is a local who consistently shows interest in my project. Craig flew his Twin Comanche from Milwaukee. I really enjoy having people in the shop. I didn’t get a photo of Dru, butContinue reading “Garaggio Social”