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The Garaggio Ez, and namesake of this website was Joe’s first homebuilt airplane project. Now with over 200 hours of flight time, the airplane continues to provide fun economical flying.

Brian’s Defiant

Acquired in July of 2020, this airplane project was started by the late Brian Martinez. Follow along as Joe completes the build and gets Brian’s Defiant flying.


Ramp Rat’s Ride, a Lancair Legacy is what Joe races at Reno. Like all homebuilt airplanes, they are never done and Joe continues to modify his go-fast airplane for more speed.

Latest Blog Posts

Huge, Humbling Hurtle

Vacuum Bagging Cowl Parts Note: You wouldn’t know it by subscribing to this blog, but I have actually been continually working on things in the Garaggio. My frustrations over the failures I was experiencing with vacuum bagging and how demotivating that was made it difficult enough to keep working on projects much less write volumes…

5 Years for Betty

November 2nd was the fifth anniversary of Betty’s first flight. So in celebration we had to take Betty flying, of course. As luck would have it, Jon was here on a layover to celebrate. Jon helped me on Betty all the way back to the early days, I think even the first year I was…

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Joe is a professional pilot and an aviation enthusiast. Click below to learn more about Joe.

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