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My Long Ez started life as serial number 1303, initially built by Glenn Burmeister. While Glenn was building, he developed an allergy to the epoxy used in construction. Unfortunately for Glenn, this meant he had to stop working on it. Then in September of 2007, a mutual friend (and eventual building partner), Marty Pavlovich, arranged a deal for us to purchase the project.

Marty and I started working on the airplane immediately. We worked together on it for about a year when my job took me to another city. We decided that I would continue the project and bring it up to Minneapolis. Read more specifics about my Long Ez below.

Progress as of September 10, 2012

Specifications & Modifications

  • Engine O-360-B2B, 168 HP, Fuel injected, Dual P-Mag Electronic Ignition
  • Roncz Canard
  • Removable aluminum instrument panel. EFIS will be the Grand Rapids HXR with remote radios, autopilot, and gps
  • Extended Nose 12″ for looks as well as CG
  • Blended Winglets with a 12″ blend radius
  • Forward mounted brake master cylinders
  • Wilhelmson Electronic Nose Lift
  • Steel Tube Roll over structure

There are numerous other modifications that I have made to the Long Ez, most of which you can find throughout this site. Click on a link below to explore my Long Ez.

Details by Chapter

Major Milestones, Anniversaries, and Set Backs

Work in Chronological Order

Photo Gallery


10 thoughts on “Coraggio Long Ez

  1. Do you still have the Dual G3X 3XX panel that you built? I could really use this, if you are not going to use it and it would save me a ton of time of cutting my own. Thank you for your time.

    Matt Noe

  2. Great blog. Love the plane and the interesting mods. Clearly quality work. 🙂 l shall spends some time reading and see what l can pick up for my own build if you don’t mind. Nothing like stealing a great idea or two. 😊

  3. I see you put a fairing around your canard to stop air coming in around the torque tube. Do you have pictures of the fairing and how did it work?

  4. I was talking with James Redmon about Armpit scoops. He said you had a really nice setup for a Long EZ and thought I should contact you about the scoops. I want to use armpit scoops and if you have information you could send me that I could make mine like yours.

  5. Love the website, love the pics, excellent job. I am especially glad to see your”nose job” since i want to do the same on mines, problem is i have absolutely no idea how to approach it. Airframe is complete per drawings by the way. Any ideas? Btw being dual electronic mags, so dual alternators, is that a problem with cowlings?

    1. Jean. There are a few ways to approach the nose job. And there are a couple other websites showing how some have done theirs. It may be helpful to draw the shape you would like overtop of a printed photo of your airplane and then do a proportion calculation to determine the new lengths and heights. That would help you build a new bulkhead to help drive the shape of the new nose. I have p-mags which have their own internal alternators. So I only have a single ships alternator.

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