Do a Dollop

I got home from work today, and the plan was for Greg to come over to help micro the bottom of the fuselage. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much prep done as I should have before I left on my trip, and also forgot to pick up more West Systems resin. Good news is, Greg was still game, and said he would stay to help as long as I needed. I have to say that after the kind of trip I had, if it weren’t for Greg’s generosity, I probably would have just come home and scrubbed the project for today. 

Instead, I picked up resin on my way home from work, and Greg came over when I got home. We started by finishing the prep sanding of the fuselage and gear doors. Then we cleaned and prepped for buttering up the bottom of the fuselage with micro. There are many seams on the bottom; around the gear doors, speed brake, and induction inlet. These seems need to be created, and to do so we cut strips of sheet wax to create an even and parallel gap around all of these items.

Then the micro was applied. I couldn’t help but thing of the ‘a dollop of Daisy,’ commercials every time we put a dollop of micro on the fuselage.

We didn’t finish applying the micro until after 11:00 pm. Can’t say thanks enough to Greg for putting in so much overtime today to “gitr dun.”




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