Mom will not be amused…

Today, in fact the last two days, have been jam packed with dusk until well after dawn activity. Mom always worries about me getting sleep and rest, so I’m sure mom will not be amused at the last few days… She reads these pages, so I’m sure I will get a “What in the H E L L,” from her eventually.

Got home yesterday around 6 pm and it is that time of year again. For those of you who don’t know, the Garaggio is fueled by none other than Coraggio’s homemade spaghetti. That means we have to make it, and the tomatoes are in. Last night I was up to the wee hours of the night canning. Did 35 quarts single handedly. Then tonight it was another 30… But shout out to Ryan and Eddie for giving a hand. I didn’t get started until 8 pm and they saved me at least an hour. Even so I’m done around 1:45 am. Here are a few shots of the process of making the grub that runs the place. Too bad my garden didn’t do well this year. Had to resort to buying from a farmer.




But I digress. Short post about the airplane today. I have a few more interesting things from my time spent away from home to post soon. I have been able to leverage away time planning and coordinating with a few people to outsource some work. We will get back to that in a few days.

Today I sanded out the wing primer. Yet again I found a few spots worthy of spot putty. So I filled those areas and primed. Three light coats. I think we will be nearly there after it is sanded out. May have to do one or two localized areas. But they are starting to look good.

Then I sanded out the epoxy wipe on both sides of the canard. It took forever, but I’m happy with the progress.

The goal for today was to sand the wings, sand the epoxy wipe on the canard, and sand the epoxy wipe on the elevators. Then prime the whole lot, both sides. I fell short of that, though I extended by workshop time by almost two hours (hence starting canning sauce at 8 PM).

However, all was not lost. I got the primer on the top of the wings and the top of the canard. Here, see for yourself…. It’s bed time here, before I really hear it from mom. Wonder if she knows how to comment on these posts?




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