Wax off, wax on Daniel-son

We are in deep in the throws of sand/fill/sand/fill/sand well, you get the picture. My arms feel like I would imagine Daniel Larusso’s did after washing and waxing Mr. Miyagi’s collection of cars. Sadly, I don’t think the muscle memory from the 45 degree sanding motions will give any advantage in hand to hand combat.

We had a visitor today in the Garaggio, Bob Collins was near by and stopped to get the nickel tour of the Ez project. Thanks for stopping Bob.

Anyways, a lot more sanding was done, then we prepped for adding micro to some of the low spots. This prep included taping off some areas as well as installing sheet wax and aluminum to dress the seams.

I know the best way to do the micro fill is to prefill low spots and then do one big fill. I thought I was smart enough to skip the first part. I was wrong. Now I will have hard spots and varying sanding action on the micro, and I will need to be careful contouring. Note to self, “prefill low spots!”

Tomorrow we will see how the fill comes out and sand it out.



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