Looking ahead

I didn’t have a lot of time today, but wanted to make use of the morning. Needless to say I didn’t have enough time to sand.

The first task was going to SteinAir to pick up some parts they didn’t need down there for the instrument panel wiring. One of the perks of living 20 minutes from them.

Things like the servo mounts for the autopilot and engine sensors can be mounted to the airplane and aren’t needed by SteinAir to fabricate wiring harnesses. It was motivating to chat with Dan, their production manager. He gave me some really great ideas and helped refine some of my own thoughts. I’m looking forward to the process of getting he panel wired to say the least. The good news is they have time to get my panel started in the next few weeks.

That is great, but also means I need to get them a few parts and a bunch of data in the next two weeks. To that end, I pulled the plastic instrument panel mock up out of the fuselage. The perimeter needs to be modified to fit the airplane as well as a few changes in organization. But that’s the purpose of the plastic panel, to refine fit, organization, and switchology.

So the panel is on its way back to John Wilson of Laser Logic to make the modifications. You can see in the photo all the marked areas (black tick marks) where the perimeter needs modification. Hopefully round two on the panel will be the ticket. I’m really looking forward to putting the primer and sanding on hold and working on the electrical and panel. It will be fun to be able to turn things on. 🙂


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