Back to Baffles, SerNo.3

I promise I haven’t given up on the project. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. There is always a lot of work leading up to Oshkosh and the AirVenture Cup. But as always it was a highlight of the year. In fact, the weekend of the AirVenture Cup was my best week of flying in many many years. So much fun. Got to fly 3 new types this year (PT-22, Emerude, and Turbine Legend), did my first ever snap rolls and got to try a few, flew formation, and got a Long Ez Builder motivation ride. Thanks Dave! 

Ok so there have been a few work sessions between the last post and today. Mostly baffle work and adding nut plates etc. Greg was here today and got me focused. We finished securing all the metal baffle pieces to eachother as well as the exhaust support brackets. I have one more nutplates to install to finish, but need to order a single lug -8 nutplate. 

We also got all the baffle seal pieces cut which involved making multiple templates. 

And then got the 3 pieces of the forward baffle riveted in place. We used washers to prevent the rivet from tearing through the baffle seal material. 

There is more riveting of baffle seal to install it everywhere where it is required. Then we can make strategic slices in the material to allow it to bend in the proper way to seal against the cowl. 

We also trimmed down the oil cooler exit duct and added a flange. One more layup and then we can finish mounting that as well. 

Seems to me that we are just about back to where we thought we were 6 or 8 weeks ago. Woo hoo!

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