Bonus shop day

There is only one reason I will be down right giddy when crew scheduling calls. Well maybe there are a few, but yesterday scheduling called and gave me a two leg two day with a 16.5 hour Minneapolis overnight. Not only do I get bonus time home, but I will be able to come home early now, after this trip is done. Score!

I decided I was going to make a home cooked meal for dinner, so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time in the shop, but I did spend an hour and a half. That was enough time to get the aft right baffle released from the mold. It was again more difficult than it should be and took some time.

Then I started trimming and cleaning it up. There is still a bit of work to do to finish the clean up. It will also require a secondary layup on the top radius. But the good news is that this baffle seems to fit relatively easily as a single piece. I may not need to cut it into two pieces like I did on the other side.

Baffles are starting to shape up nicely. More in the next few days.

3 thoughts on “Bonus shop day

  1. Joey -What epoxy system are you using for the baffles? What epoxy did you use most of overall? -Just curious -beginning a composite project -a rebuild of sorts.

    1. I am using west systems for this part. It is way to work with. I’ve been told that it will stand up to the heat. Jeff Lange has been running west systems baffles on his Sonerai for years. West is not structural though. So if you are doing something structural, find out what the designer intended or originally used and find something with similar strength, Tg, etc. I used EZPOXY for the structure. Though it stinks to high heavens. I have used MGS, and would use that if I were starting anew. It’s spends, but I’m impressed with it.

  2. Good to know! I actually have all three on hand as it happens -Though my EZ Poxy is old and my West is designated for a kayak project. I just bought the MGS -good to know you endorse it!

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