Inventory Management fail

Started today by working on the brake system. About as far as I got was mounting the reservoirs to the master cylinders. I figured out that I didn’t have the right tubing to make the transition from the master cylinder to the fuselage lines. I had nylaflow, and need nylaseal. It seems that I need to be more careful when taking inventory of what supplies I have so I don’t end up waiting for things.


While I did that Eric finished wiring the electric fuel pump. We also spent some time looking for the correct BNC connectors. Turns out, that I didn’t have what I think I had. Inventory management gets us again. So I need to order another BNC connector. While we were in the process of doing that it was the perfect time to organize some of the electrical supplies into the containers Eric brought.

Next we went on to installing the position sensor for the Landing brake. It should have been a simple installation, but took quite a bit of fiddling. You can see that we used single knuckles of aluminum extruded hinge as our mounting points for the z-shaped welding rod that connects the landing brake to the potentiometer. The installation is pretty much verbatim from James Redmon’s Berkut.


The position sensor is mounted right next to the landing brake actuator, in the below photo that is above the hole that the welding rod passes through.


We used this heavy duty velcro-like but much stronger material to mount the potentiometer in the right place.


A little calibration on the EFIS and we now have landing brake position. Right now it is labeled as a flap “F”, I will have to see if I can change that to Landing Brake or Speed Brake. But it is indicating properly when open, closed, or any position in between.


Last thing I did for the day was contour out the micro I laid up yesterday on the cowl modification. I think it turned out pretty well. Probably will epoxy wipe tomorrow.


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