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Today was another one of those days. Greg and I got the throttle and mixture cables up to the cockpit. When we got them hooked up to the throttle and mixture levers, we realized that in fact the throttle required a reversing type lever. This means that the cable had to be attached below the pivot instead of above. This is because we changed the throttle arm on the servo to the right side. The mixture was ok as its arm on the servo didn’t change sides. So we made a new throttle arm. 


While Greg was working on the new throttle lever, I was working on hoses again. Things keep getting in the way. So Greg and I spent some time noodling the routings and fittings. I think we have a pretty good plan now, even though we didn’t really make any progress on fabricating anything. 

Lastly, we started working on the throttle and mixture cable bracket. After my last post, I got a message from one of the “canard elders,” James. He brought up a concern with the existing bracket. It is attached to the bottom flange of the oil cooler which is soft aluminum. We are probably over stressing the flange and will eventually have a failure which could, in the worst case, cause a carastrophic oil leak. James and I brainstormed some alternatives. Thanks for the advice James. 

So today, Greg and I started redesigning the bracket. We are going to do a bracket that “picture frames” the oil cooler. An added benefit of this is it gives us a place to secure the other side of the cables. Also it puts all the stress on a stout aluminum extruded angle that is the mount for the oil cooler. We laid out the part before we were out of time for the day. 


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